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You can feel the Cuban warmth embracing you.

Cuban food and music is unique. It is influenced by Spanish, French, and African cultures... passionate people who enjoy life.

As a Caribbean Island with a tropical climate. old Cuba was a popular tourist destination. The island was filled with excitement. The fruits and vegetables used in Cuban cuisine were fresh and plentiful. The restaurants in old Cuba were loved by travelers from all over the world.

Madera Cuban Grill's chefs capture that old excitement and bring it to New York City, preparing flavor filled dishes in the traditional Cuban way. Using freshest ingredients and family recipes from parents, brothers and sisters who once lived in Habana, food is carefully prepared to taste like the best home cooking.

Come...Eat delicious food!

Madera Cuban Grill & Steakhouse Gallery Photos

Madera Cuban Grill Reservations

For reservations, please call Madera Cuban Grill directly. 718-606-1236

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