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Astoria Celebrity

"Very few restaurants in my time writing reviews have struck me as much as this one has."


The Queens Courier

"Authenticity goes a long way in the restaurant world, especially in Queens. The borough's diverse population is true to its roots and can smell a phony from miles away.

At Madera Cuban Grill and Steakhouse, owner Miriam Porto creates such an authentic visage at her restaurant that you will have a hard time believing you are still in Queens and not on vacation somewhere in Havana."


The Queens Gazette

"We were treated to a lavish array of appetizers from their menu that exemplify the diversity and richness of Cuban cuisine. Coconut shrimp are prepared in a light batter, then baked, not fried so they're crunchy and light. The accompanying mango-mint sauce is a nice complement to these plump shrimp ($10.50). Another excellent shrimp appetizer skewers them with sugar cane and drizzles them with rum glaze before they hit the barbecue. Fried codfish croquettes are tender and moist, made with potato and herbs ($8). There are also croquettes made with savory ham, chicken or mixed seafood, all of which are crisp and golden outside and tender inside. "


Astoria Celebrity Holiday Guide

"Madera has brough some serious Latin spice and sexiness to Long Island City. From their cocktail concoctions like surpisingly refreshing mojitos and margaritas, to the amazing home style Cuban cusine. Madera is a guaranteed good time. Like and artist painting canvas, Madera's chef uses the most lucious flavors and ingredients that Cuba and the Caribbean have to offer to churn masterpieces out of his kitchen. A holiday party at Madera is sure to be a winner this year. Warm and charming, owners Daniel and Miriam will welcome you right into their little slice of Cuban paradise in Queens."


The Daily News

""I'm the baby on the block," said Miriam Porto, 50, who opened her restaurant, Madera, last month on Vernon Blvd. "I'm not going to say we're going to be rich from this, but it's a growing area and the neighborhood is supporting us."


Madera Cuban Grill Reservations

For reservations, please call Madera Cuban Grill directly. 718-606-1236

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